PCINT interrupts on Arduino

Today I am going to bring you something a little more advanced in Arduino, and it is the way to use PCINT Interrupts (Pin Changes interrupts), in Arduino. Earlier we talked about hardware interrupts (INT), which were limited to certain pins depending on the Arduino model. The advantages of PCINT interrupts are that you can … Read more

Button debounce with Arduino, ESP8266 o STM32

If you’ve ever used buttons with the Arduino, you may have noticed that the keystrokes were sometimes doubled, and that’s where the button debounce comes in. This is because a button works by joining two mechanical elements (contacts), to close the flow of current, which can cause false contacts. Arduino being very fast, it detects … Read more

STM32F103 Bootloader and programming

This time I bring you a guide about STM32F103 (Bootloader and programming). This microcontroller has the advantage of having more capacity on almost everything compared with an Arduino (ATMega328p), having more SRAM, program memory, ADC and DAC resolution… for a little more money. More info into the Datasheet. Furthermore also we can take a look … Read more

Temperature and humidity: Arduino & DHT11/DHT22

Today I bring you a tutorial on how to mount a temperature and humidity sensor with Arduino, using the DHT11 or DHT22 temperature sensor, and the Nokia 5110 display. When doing the project, I focused on consuming as little as possible, since nobody likes having to change the sensor batteries on a daily basis. For … Read more