Install Python 3.6+ on Debian 9

Today I bring you an easy method to install python 3.6 or higher on Debian 9, and incidentally solve a couple of problems that arose during this installation. These steps have been tested only in Debian 9, but they will surely be equally compatible with other OS such as Ubuntu or similar. In the case … Read more

Read and write data from EEPROM with Arduino

One of the things that we all ignore many times (I confess that I have ignored it until now), is the EEPROM memory of our Arduino. This memory is not very large, but it has the advantage that it survives the shutdowns of our microcontroller. That is why in this article I will teach you … Read more

Arduino: Basic circuit, bootloader and programming

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create a basic Arduino circuit, burn the Bootloader and do the programming directly on the breadboard. This is useful when we want to create circuits using independent ATMega328p, or we simply want to reduce consumption by eliminating extra components. Among the advantages of this … Read more

I2C Master-Master communication with Arduino

Today I bring you a guide on how to make a two-way I2C communication between Arduino. I have recently started tinkering with this protocol because I am interested in a project that I have in mind, and after a few tests I have been able to verify that two Arduino masters can communicate without problems. … Read more

Variable data types and usage on Arduino

One importatn thing to know are the variable data types existing on Arduino, and that is why I’ll try to talk about Variables Types in Arduino. For starters, here you have a table of the different types, their sizes (something very important to consider), and links to each one in the official documentation. Then I … Read more

Save SRAM memory space on Arduino

In this post I will try to show you some tips on how to save space in the SRAM memory of your Arduino. As we all know, our Arduino is limited in resources, and that is why we have to make the most of our ingenuity and the tools they provide us to try not … Read more